Bayonets of The Modern Kalashnikov: 1959-Present

We wish to present a selection of bayonets here representing the wide variety of types issued with European stamped receiver AK rifles, especially those of Russian manufacture. Images in this section will in many cases be displayed in a full resolution format, so loading may take longer than normal. We hope to expand on this section in the near future, due to the growing amount of interest collectors and enthusiasts are showing in this exciting field. Please bear with us as this section is fully developed. If you have any unique examples you wish to share with the collecting public, we would be honored to include them as well, simply contact us by e-mail and include a JPEG image less that 750 pixels in width.

NEWLY UPDATED! PAGE 1: Russian AKM Type 1 Bayonets

This page presents examples of both Izhevsk and Tula manufactured first production pattern AKM bayonets. These are characterized by the so-called "bulbous handle" grips, Bowie type clipped blades, wire cutting capability, and in most cases, metallic sheaths with molded rubber electrical insulators. Also included in this section is a very rare, exceptionally nice matching numbers "transitional" AKM bayonet.

PAGE 2: Russian Type 2 AKM/ Early AK-74 Bayonet

This section includes examples of the later model AKM bayonet which was also issued with early AK-74/AKS-74 as well as SVD rifles. These were also made by both of the most famous AK factories, Izhevsk and Tula. Bayonets of this type are identified by a new, square shaped handle with metallic pommel and a new non-conductive Bakelite sheath which did away with the need for a rubber insulator. We feature examples from both Russian factories in this section.

PAGE 3: AKM Type 2 Bayonets of The Warsaw Pact

Both types of bayonet designs used with AKM and early AK-74 rifles from Russia were copied by various other countries, many of which were fielded with domestic models of AK-74 rifles. These would include Poland, East Germany, Bulgaria and Romania. This page identifies some common and some not-so-common examples found by collectors.

NEW! PAGE 4: Interesting Izhevsk Type 2 Bayonet Variation

This example of an Izhevsk-made Type 2 has a rarely seen alternate design lightweight pommel, consisting of an investment cast end-piece with a unique inset wrist strap attaching loop.

NEW! PAGE 5: AK-74/SVD Late Pattern Bayonet (Type 3)

Late style AK-74 and SVD bayonet is identified by a ribbed grip and spear point blade. Both grip panels and sheath are made from polyamide material, early examples being in a plum color while the current models are purely black.

NEW! PAGE 6: Romanian AK-74 Late Pattern Bayonet

We have added a new section on the Romanian AK-74 bayonet, in hopes of presenting better identification details on this very desirable model.